May 10

Free accounting software Bangladesh


Introducing Online accounting software for free. You can use it small amount pay for Domain, Online server and support.
Please see our pricing plan. You can pay Monthly, Quarterly Or Yearly.
Choose any one (BDT) Plan.
(BDT) Plan-A
Setup fee   5000.00
Yearly fee 15000.00
(BDT) Plan-B
Setup fee    5000.00
Yearly fee 30,000.00
Details see at
Some FAQ
$$ How long for setup?
=> 24 Hours require for software setup and 4-7 working days require to set up your company accounts.
$$ Have any training?
=> Yes, we give your accounts department full training and support life time.
$$ How to order?
=> Just reply mail to <> then we give you full details.

Remember that our accounting software is free.

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